Superintendent Embray Announcement 3/24


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Photo of the COVID-19 virus. Photo from Live Science.

Isabella Milone, Co-Editor in Chief

The following is an announcement dated March 24 from Superintendent Embray:

Dear Parents and Staff,

We started week two yesterday and have yet to get guidance from the State concerning elearning.  We hope to get that guidance within the next few days.  In preparation for that guidance, staff will be revisiting their online plans and making appropriate adjustments for what the new guidance may entail.  ANY work that has been optional up to this point will be REVISITED by teachers should we be allowed to do elearning and require work completion.  This means we will not start on day eight and move forward leaving the learning from days 1-7 out.  Issues we will be addressing moving forward with elearning possibilities center around access and equity.  Once the State has issued the guidance we will move forward with our planning and implementation of elearning.

Parents, we asked that you fill out an internet access survey yesterday. We have gotten a great response, however, IF YOU HAVE NOT taken this survey please do so by clicking here.  Once we have identified our families without internet service we will be reaching out to them to problem solve their situation so that students have access to the internet.  Additionally, there are several options now with internet providers that parents may want to explore.  Especially if the entire family is working from home.  Internet considerations can be found here.

We are STRONGLY encouraging your children are staying HOME.  At this time only high school spring athletes have access to the complex, fields and courts, between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM for individual workouts, however, they are to remain at the recommended social distance of no closer than six feet.  We will continue to allow this until we see students congregating there.  Once a student’s workout is complete they are to leave and go home. The complex is open to the public before 8:00 AM and after 5:00 PM.  We encouraging you to not allow your high schooler to go “visit” their friends at their friend’s home.  This is not practicing social distancing and can actually spread the virus from home to home.

We are continuing to provide lunch and breakfast at two locations;  West Elementary and Middle School.  We still have not been approved to provide delivery to those in the country and we encourage families not to share rides coming in to get their lunches and breakfasts.  We are in the discussions of reducing our exposure for staff at both sites and offering more than one day’s worth of food.  If we get that plan in place we will notify all parents via a voice message to ensure everyone has the correct information.  Currently, we are still daily.

We will communicate out more information as we know it.  Stay home, stay safe, cover coughs, cove sneezes, and use increased hygiene everywhere you are!  Most importantly, stay home and limit travel.


Devin  712-527-0087