Kevin Lived a Full Life


Robin Hundt

Kevin the Rambler’s voice of reason, our moral compass.

Robin Hundt, Adviser

It is with great sadness that the Newspaper staff informs the students of GCHS that Kevin, the mascot in Mrs. Hundt’s classroom, has passed.

Kevin, the beautiful male betta fish, was a fixture in Mrs. Hundt’s room. He lived happily in a tank on her front table for almost two years. He was purchased by a  Kyndall Nelson, a student in Mrs. Hundt’s English and Connection’s classes, when Nelson was a freshman. Nelson bought Kevin to lift the spirits of the students and bring love and understanding to her classes. Mrs. Hundt’s Connection class voted to give Kevin his name. He lived happily throughout the year. Students in all of Mrs. Hundt’s class checked in on him daily. Nelson and fellow classmates in Connections bought food for Kevin, changed his water, and bestowed love on him. He was even featured in a Rambler article at the end of the school year. Over the summer, Kevin went home with Nelson.

Year two of Kevin’s life brought more friendships. He now became the class mascot to Mrs. Hundt’s English 9 , AP Lit, Yearbook, and Newspaper classes. When Mrs. Hundt’s Connection students voted on their classroom expectations, “Don’t mess with Kevin” was in their top five. Freshman Trevor Nabors donated a new tank for Kevin.  He moved from his bachelor pad to a mansion and loved his new place. Kevin even helped proof an article for one of the Rambler’s editors, senior Isabella Milone. Milone tried to toss her article to Mrs. Hundt for final proofing, but a breeze took the paper off course and it ended up in Kevin’s tank.

Kevin met his demise when Mrs. Hundt took him home during our pandemic. She changed his water but did not have any conditioner to add. He died twelve hours later. Kevin used to hide in the corner of his tank, close the the desk lamp that warmed his water. He will be missed by all who knew him and we hope his memory continues to warm the hearts of GCHS students.