3/18 COVID-19 Announcement from Superintendent Embray


Photo of the COVID-19 virus. Photo from Live Science.

Isabella Milone, Co-Editor in Chief

The following is an announcement from Superintendent Devin Embray:

Dear Parents and Staff,

We have our resource library for students to access their activities up and running.  It is located on our website at the bottom as a button called closure online resources. You can also access it by clicking here.  Our teachers will be available for communications during the day. Please allow some time for them to reply as they may be helping another student at the same time you may be requesting some assistance.

We know that there may be some issues with the devices so we wanted to provide information for parents should they encounter problems with their student’s device.

Technology Tips for Closure:

  • All students need to completely power off and power up their device once per day to ensure that regular updates continue to take effect.  This will allow for the device to continue to operate properly.

  • If a student is having trouble accessing software, an application, or a resource, have them contact their classroom teacher and they will help determine if this is an access issue they have control over or if it is an issue needing addressed by the technology department.

  • If something were to actually break (meaning hardware NOT software or applications) on a device and need repaired, arrangements can be made by calling 712-527-4887 ext. 5000

  • Please use caution with regard to cleaning devices. Please do not ever spray a device directly with any liquid.  Instead, the best method for cleaning is to use a non-abrasive cloth (microfiber if possible). Mix 1 part 70%+ isopropyl alcohol with 1 part water (distilled if you have it). Power off the device. Then spray or dampen the cloth first then wipe down the device. As a rule of thumb, use as little liquid as possible, especially on keyboards and screens.  Do not try to get residue off in one firm pass. Work gently in a repeated circular motion until the area is clean, then move to the next area. If you have commercial cleaners for electronics, please use according to manufacturer specifications. We certainly understand the desire and need for cleanliness right now, however we don’t want to go overboard with regards to liquid cleaners that could damage the device. Finally, limit the sharing of devices as much as is possible.

We plan to start up our lunch program tomorrow, Thursday, March 19.  Please see the attached flyer for more information regarding locations and times.  At this time we are only able to provide curbside pickup at West Elementary and Middle School.

Kids Place remains open with continual support from Public Health.  We received word that we will be needing to ensure we have availability to parents for childcare in critical roles.  At this time we have availability at certain age groups for that and are not having to limit our daycare at this time.  If you are in a critical role as a parent and require childcare, please contact Kids Place at 527-5264 if you need this service to obtain information about cost and availability.

We also want to remind parents and community that we are not allowing anyone in the buildings during the shutdown unless they are employees.  Visitors to the buildings will be communicated with via the buzz camera’s located at the front entrances of each building. We are discouraging deliveries to buildings.

We appreciate your support during this time and know that while we are in uncharted territory, we will prevail for our students.  Any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate in contacting me.


Devin  712-527-0087

Free Meals During Closure Flyer w-flag.pdf