Girls Soccer Looks to State


The 2019 girls soccer team. Photo provided by Lillian Becker

Isabella Milone, Co-Editor in Chief

Head Coach Rebecca Bardsley is anticipating a successful girls soccer season this spring. 

“I have high expectations for this 2020 spring team,” said Coach Bardsley. “We have some strong juniors and seniors returning, and we have a solid crew of underclassmen, including a fairly large showing from the freshmen class. We should finish with a strong winning record, and I would love to see this team make a state appearance in June.”

Senior Kendall Bardsley is also hoping for a State appearance. 

“I would love to make a state appearance and to do so we need to have a strong season with a good record,” said Kendall Bardsley. “Winning the conference would be the absolute best way to get us seated nicely for our regional games so we can have easier games to get us that state appearance.” 

Junior Bree Severn believes the girls should focus on themselves this season, instead of comparing themselves to other teams. 

“The greatest challenge of this season will be to make sure we are mentally prepared to take on any team, no matter their record or skill,” said Severn. 

The girls have faced challenges even before the soccer season has officially started. 

“We have already been dealt a few injuries in preseason that will take some of our strong returning players out for a portion or all of the season which is always tough,” said Coach Bardsley. “We will be very focused on keeping the team healthy and injury free so this doesn’t become a bigger challenge in season.” 

Though the team will face tough opponents, the girls’ main goal is to play with confidence and rely on each other. 

“I think that our biggest challenge for this season is getting over the names of other schools or players,” said Kendall Bardsley. “We have to believe in ourselves and our teammates and know that no matter who we play, we are all in it to win it and we have each others backs.” 

Coach Bardsley plans to use each game as practice for the games that follow. 

“We will have some key opponents that have been a force in the past, including some tough competition within the Hawkeye Ten, as well as several 3A schools who have excellent programs,” said Coach Bardsley. “We will take each game as they come, and we will look at every game as a challenge, but also an opportunity to get better as a team with each game.” 

Coach Bardsley primarily focuses on speed and teamwork during the girls’ practices. 

“Primarily, we will focus on practicing at game speed,” said Coach Bardsley. “I expect the hustle to be there in everything we do. Playing as a team unit and playing a fast feet game will be key this year. Our drills and small sided play will focus on these key elements.”

To the girls, having a good team atmosphere is half the battle. Team bonding is a good way for the girls to connect with each other and build a stronger team. 

“I think that the girls on our team have been closer than we have been in past seasons,” said Kendall Bardsley. “Us seniors have been trying to get the girls to have a bond with each other so when it comes to game time, that bond shows distinctively how we play with one another.” 

Severn agrees with Kendall Bardsley. 

“The team atmosphere is always so positive and encouraging,” said Severn. “I love my team and our drama-free attitude.” 

At the time of publication, no information on how COVID-19 would affect the girls soccer season was available.