A New Club Magically Appeared

Darek Taylor, Reporter

The Magic Club is a group for individuals who enjoy the strategy card game ‘Magic The Gathering.’
Magic club meets every Monday after school until 4:30 p.m. Regular meetings include participants engaging in card duels and two versus two battles. The adviser is Bruce Landstrom. They compete to learn how to play the card game, grow their knowledge of how to play and grow their skills.

People like Magic Club for many reasons.
“It opens doors to meeting others with the same interests as you and is a good place to have fun and wind down after school,” said freshman Kamden Leytham.
Magic club allows students to be able to compete with anyone.
“I really like the Magic club so far and like how you can battle anyone you want as long as they aren’t in a battle,” said sophomore Donovin Erickson.
Magic Club is looking for new members and is willing to teach anyone who wants to join. Current members of the club include freshman Austin Jones and Kamden Leytham, sophomores Bailey Fritz and Donovin Erickson, as well as juniors Alex Jones and Kaiden Rang.
They also provide starter decks to help new members catch up with the rest of the club members.
Plans for the future include tournaments and possible card pack openings.