Mock Trial Competes at Districts


Members of the Gold and Black mock trial teams. Photo provided by Robin Hundt.

Isabella Milone, Co- Editor in Chief

Glenwood’s Mock Trial teams competed against eight other teams at the District competition on March 2. 

Each mock trial team faced two other teams and must win both competitions to qualify for State. The top three teams qualify for State. Neither of Glenwood’s Gold or Black teams went undefeated. 

If both attorney judges select an attorney or witness as best in the room, they earn an All District nomination. If one judge names a witness or attorney, they earn an honorable mention. 

“I personally feel as though my team and I did pretty well,” said senior Tanner Williams. “Several of us got nominated for the district attorney.”

When the Black team tried the defense side of the case, Williams was named All District Attorney. Senior Delaney McMullen and freshman Erik Russell were named All District Witnesses. During the prosecution part of the trial, Williams was named Honorable Mention for Attorney. 

When the Gold team tried the defense side, senior Jaeda Wilson was named All District Attorney, and sophomore Josh Nieman was named All District Witness. Junior Madeline Becker was named Honorable Mention for Attorney, and junior Mackenzie Woods was named Honorable Mention for Witness. During the prosecution side of the trial, Becker was named All District Attorney, and sophomore Ty Jacob was named All District Witness. Honorable mentions for the prosecution side went to Wilson for Attorney and Nieman for Witness. 

Harlan sent two teams and is one of the toughest competitors at the District competition. For the past two years both of their teams have gone on to State. Harlan embeds mock trial as a component in their business law class. 

 “I hope Glenwood is able to make it to State someday, or even go through Districts without competing directly against Harlan’s A team,” said Wilson. “Harlan brings both their junior varsity and varsity teams to State every year, which is a tremendous accomplishment for them, but it makes it virtually impossible for other teams to go if they have to compete against Harlan’s A team like we did.” 

Mock trial provides students with many valuable skills.

“I’ve learned so much from mock trial,” said Wilson. “The biggest lessons I’ve learned have probably been to think on my feet and speak extemporaneously, as well as learn how to work well with others, even if I don’t know them very well.” 

Both Wilson and Williams found mock trials to be advantageous to their futures. 

“As an attorney, mock trial is all about thinking quickly and intelligently, and it will be so beneficial for me in the future,” said Wilson. 

“I learned many social and political skills that I will use in the future when going into a career,” said Williams. “My best memories are of the practices, staying late at school to work and eat pizza together.” 

Members of the Black team included senior Tanner Williams; junior Maya Silvius; sophomore Terra Jensen; and freshman Erik Russell, Sawyer Patzer and Dillon Anderson. Gold team members included seniors Jerianne Richardson and Jaeda Wilson; juniors Mackenzie Woods, Chloe Russell and Madeline Becker; and sophomores Ty Jacob and Josh Nieman.