Parent Teacher Conferences Moved for State

Parent Teacher Conferences Moved for State

Tanner Williams, Entertainment Editor

Parent teacher conferences are a way for parents to check in and observe how their children are doing academically with one on one interaction.

These interactions between the school staff and parents are great opportunities for them to hear the strengths and areas in need of improvement from the students. By having the face to face interaction with staff members, it allows everyone to get a clear picture on what their students are doing correctly and how they can improve upon necessary skills.

Conferences are important for parents too, as it gives them security and knowledge on what their students are learning about in their classes.

The school has kept the same format for these conferences for several years now, each day being two hours for families to schedule a meeting with specific teachers while the rest of the time is open to the families.

While conferences are good for parents to attend, a lot of students’ families don’t even bother going to the events, missing out on possible important information they may need.

“Email and phone calls have really made communication much better and easier for both parents and staff,” said School Principal Rick Nickerson. “I believe that this can make some feel that it isn’t necessary to have face to face conferences.”

Many students’ parents don’t feel the need to attend conferences. Senior Jackson Finnegan said, “They trust me and my grades.”

The first parent teacher conferences were on February 20, while the next conference is on March 9.