BPA Attends State Conference


Photo provided by: Kathy Johnson

BPA members attend State Conference.

Lillian Becker, Editor in Chief

Business Professionals of America sent ten students to the state conference in Des Moines on February 16-18. 

Junior Madeline Becker was elected Parliamentarian for the State of Iowa. She will take over as parliamentarian in June 2020 and will be a member of the State of Iowa BPA leadership team for 2020-2021. As an officer elect, she will be participating in helping at the National BPA conference this May. Only six people are elected to this position and Becker is the only new female member. 

Junior Houston Stephens was the head delegate for voting purposes at the conference and represented Glenwood. Senior Katerina Bozhilova, junior Maya Silvius and Becker all qualified for the National Leadership Conference in Washington DC May 6-10.

Bozhilova has always been interested in the business field and thought joining BPA would be a great opportunity. 

“The thing I love most about BPA is that it is challenging my knowledge and it makes me want to do more in order to be successful,” said Bozhilova.  

BPA instructor Kathy Johnson is proud of her students and their dedication to the organization. 

“These students represented Glenwood with consideration, respect, cooperation, attentiveness, and courtesy,” said Johnson. “I am very proud to be associated with them and their enthusiasm for Business Professionals of America. I have no doubt they will be successful business men and women in the years to come.” 

Other BPA members also received awards at the state conference. On the Management Marketing and Human Resource Test, Bozhilova placed second and Becker medaled placing in the top 10. 

On the Business Law and Ethics Test, seniors Cole Mayberry and Brandon Eiseman medaled for top 10. 

On the Administrative Support Concepts Test, Bozhilova medaled for top 10. 

On the ICD-10-CM Diagnostic Coding Test, Silivas placed first. 

On the Information Technology Concept Test, Becker placed fifth. 

On the Digital Communications and Design Test, Becker placed fifth and Bozhilova medaled for top 10.

In the Extemporaneous Speech category there were 44 contestants and the top eight competed in finals. Bozhilova medaled and Becker placed first. 

In the Prepared Speech category there were 23 contestants and the top six competed in finals. Becker, again, placed first in this category. 

For the Digital Marketing Concept Test, Becker placed fifth and Bozhilova placed fourth.

For the Business Marketing Management Test, Becker placed third.