Glenwood Sends One to State Wrestling

Zander Carda, Managing Editor

Nearly ten thousand people poured into the Wells Fargo Arena on February 20 to watch the first round of the Class 2A Wrestling Tournament. With 224 wrestlers in class 2A and 16 in each weight class, it was a competitive atmosphere.

Sophomore Mitch Mayberry qualified for the state wrestling tournament at (182). He traveled to Des Moines on February 19, a day before the tournament’s start date.

Mayberry practiced for his upcoming match like it was a regular match.

“Practice consisted of drilling my moves and we knew what the kid liked to do so there was a lot of defense and live wrestling,” said Mayberry.

Mentaly and physically preparing for a tough first round match wasn’t a problem for Mayberry.

“I knew the kid was ranked fourth so I told myself it’s time to show them I should be ranked,” said Mayberry. “I knew I had to keep scoring, keep moving; wrestle like Mitch Mayberry wrestles and don’t worry about what he’s gonna do just do my stuff.”
Reese Moore of Forest City was Mayberry’s first match in the first round of the tournament. Moore won by decision 8-7. Jacob Reicks of New Hampton/Turkey Valley was Mayberry’s second match in the consolation bracket. Reiks won by pin in the second period.

Head wrestling coach Tucker Weber sees potential and room for improvement in Mayberry.

“Some strengths were the way he started his matches, he started out aggressive and got the first takedown in both matches. His ability to ride his opponents was great as well,” said Weber. “One weakness was getting into some bad positions. Mitch needs to keep working on the bottom and know when to bail out of certain wrestling situations.”

Weber has a plethora of goals for next season, he hopes to get more student athletes out for wrestling, start a girls wrestling program, win the H-10 Conference, place top three as a team and have more state qualifiers/place winners.

Ed Harding
Sophomore Mitch Mayberry Wrestling his opponent at Sectionals.