Sonic the Hedgehog Review: The Blue Blur Speeds Into Theaters


Main poster for the new movie, in theaters now.

Tanner Williams, Entertainment Editor

Much like the character himself, “Sonic the Hedgehog” has sped into my heart, becoming one of my most personal beloved movies of all time. The movie is half animated and has an equal amount live action, with stars Sonic (Ben Schwartz) and small town policeman Tom Wachowski (James Marsden) battling against the world known Dr. Robotnik (Jim Carrey).

Sonic has made his presence in the world known over the years, for better or worse, and has become a world icon. Starting out as a video game in 1991, Sonic the Hedgehog was created by SEGA for their own console and quickly captivated audiences. Starring in many of his own adventures and sharing screen time with many other famous video game characters, Sonic has since become recognizable to all. 

The movie starts with catching newer audiences up to speed to the little blue hedgehog’s backstory, although being changed a little for a cinematic release. Raised on an alien planet with green fields and loop-de-loops, he is forced out of his home onto Earth through the magic power of his rings. 

Spending most of his life on Earth in hiding Sonic lives his best life, partaking in everything the planet has to offer: comic books, paddle ball, and of course chilli dogs. One night after running faster than he ever has before, he sets off a blast of electric energy that wipes power out across the nation.

Taken by surprise, the government decides to send in Robotnik to investigate the anomaly in the town of Green Hills due to his insane intelligence and drone tech. With the help of the town’s policeman Tom, Sonic must trek across the country to retrieve his rings so he can escape to a new planet and evade capture.

Movie goers must understand how hard it is for the people behind the scenes to make the film. For a character as beloved as Sonic, they had to get the animation right. Their first infamous attempt didn’t go so well. Translating the material from the games to film was a daunting task, but the crew managed it well. From the character’s personality, to little quirks such as losing rings when he loses a battle, the movie was a dream come true for a Sonic fan. 

Sonic and Tom interact on screen well together and really form a bond over the course of the film that the audience is able to identify. Both characters are outstanding, and the topping on the cake was Carrey’s performance as Robotnik (aka Eggman). Known for his comedic roles, Carrey provided an intimidating, yet hilarious, presentation for the mustached villain. Besides the characters, the storyline of the movie fits so well together, with each scene seeming like it is perfect on its own. 

Overall, “Sonic the Hedgehog” aims to be a family film that all can enjoy, and I certainly say that this film has done just that. As a long time Sonic fan, seeing the fastest thing alive on screen was a dream come true, and was just right for newcomers to the franchise. Even in only the beginning of the year, this film seems to be my candidate for movie of the year.

10/10 rings