Winter Semi-Formal Dance Preview

Silhouette Dancing

Silhouette Dancing

Darek Taylor, Reporter

The first Winter dance will take place on February 28, from 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m at the high school. 

The Winter Dance is being sponsored by the GCHS Student Council.

Because of faculty changes and personnel changes, there is no longer dance after the March Madness basketball game. This dance replaces the March Madness dance.

There were many difficulties with changing the dance to a winter themed dance.

“The most difficult part was finding the right date to hold the dance,” said Student Council Adviser, Alex Williams. “The winter season is very busy in terms of athletics, fine arts, and club/organization activities. Additionally, it takes a commitment from the faculty to help chaperone the dance.”

Luckily, school faculty members were willing to chaperone the dance to make sure all students have a safe and fun environment.

The proceeds from the dance will be used for a school improvement project. 

Some students sighted cost as a reason for not attending.

“I want to go but it would be expensive to buy a dress,” said freshman Allie Russman.

Some students are planning on going to the dance because they feel better with friends surrounding them.

“I’m going to the dance so I am able to surround myself with my good friends,” said junior Lachlan Ruff.

The Winter Semi-Formal dance tickets are $5.00 and can be purchased in the office. All out-of-town dates have to register at the office. Students can wear nice clothes but they don’t have to dress up as much as they would be expected to at prom or homecoming.