Halo Shouldn’t Be Exclusive to Xbox


Provided by flikr.com

Master Chief stands in front of Warthog.

Darek Taylor, Reporter

The Halo Universe is long and complex and part of the story is told through the games which can only be played on an Xbox.

With the announcement of “Halo Infinite,” Microsoft said that the game would only be accessible on the next-gen Xbox console coming out called “Xbox Series X.” Many people who play on the Playstation or the PC can only play older Halo games or spin-offs.

Microsoft has a monopoly over the Halo series and other console players are not able to join the Halo Universe. I, personally, only have an Xbox 360 and am limited to the Halo games that are released before “Halo 4.” This is disappointing for me because I cannot play the more recent Halo games like “Halo Wars 2” or “Halo 5: Guardians.” I am excluded from part of the Halo Universe and part of the stories. Now that I have a Playstation 4, I cannot play any Halo games at all.

By limiting the Halo game series to only people with the most recent Xbox, Microsoft is losing money from the people who have a Nintendo Plus, PS4, or a PC. Microsoft is using this limitation as an incentive to buy their platforms that support the new games as the Xbox One only has two Halo games; Xbox Series X is going to have Halo Infinite as well as maybe other future Halo games. 

Many people are excited for the new games to come on the Xbox series X but it’s an extra five to six hundred dollars just for a new console to play Halo Infinite. Sony and Microsoft’s conflict hurts the experience the users have with gaming. The Halo Universe is too big to be only explorable with an Xbox.