Glenwood Hosts First Show Choir Exhibition


Provided by Facebook

Omaha Bryan High School's show choir who competed with their show titled "Surround Sound." Photo provided by the Omaha Bryan High School Facebook page.

Gordon Tuomikoski, Features and Photography Editor

Glenwood hosted its first-ever show choir competition on February 1 in an all-day event called the Glenwood Gala High School Show Choir.

Ten teams from nine different schools competed, with Gretna High School earning the Grand Champion. Schools are not awarded division ratings.

To keep things fair, Glenwood’s show choir team did not compete themselves.

“It is not the norm for a school to compete themselves,” said Choir Director Kevin Kilpatrick. “We pick the judges, so it would be unfair.”

Despite it being Glenwood’s first time hosting, the event went over smoothly.

“Everyone stayed very calm and collected,” said Kilpatrick. “I had ran a successful competition at a previous school, so they put a lot of trust in me, and I’m glad I didn’t disappoint.”

Glenwood students worked concessions, helped set up rooms, and helped manage the event.

“I helped set up and tear down,” said senior Adam Clayton. “I spent most of the event hosting a room.”

The students enjoyed being able to help during the over twelve-hour event.

“It was so much fun,” said Junior Margaret Begbie. “I hosted the West Branch High School room all day. I was so excited to see other schools compete in our building.”

The show choir will compete next at Wahoo High School on February 21.