The Irishman Review: The Story of a Teamster


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Lucas Hug, Advertising Manager

In the mid 1900’s, Frank Sheeran(Robert De Niro) is a truck driver who gets involved with Russell Bufalino( Joe Pesci) and his mob.

The Irishman, directed by Martin Scorsese, is based on a true story. It has won many awards including the New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Film. This movie stars Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Joe Pesci.

This movie is based in the early 1900’s when Jimmy Hoffa started a rebellious union for truck drivers who were paid terribly for hard work. This union was called the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. In this movie, Frank works for Jimmy Hoffa’s Union.

Frank needed to bring in more money for his family since he made little money as a truck driver. As Frank did one of his deliveries, a man by the name of Skinny Razor(Bobby Cannavale) offers Frank a deal that Frank can’t refuse due to his situation. Skinny Razor asks Frank to deliver him prime meat for the price of low grade meat. Skinny razor says he’ll even pay Frank extra cash on the side. Frank needed the money for his family.

After starting a hustle with Skinny Razor for stealing prime meat from his trucking company to sell to him for cheap, Frank is caught and battles a court case accusing him of stealing the meat. Skinny Razor provides Frank with the best lawyer Bill Bufalino(Ray Romano). Bill Bufalino won his case in defending Frank. 

Skinny Razor decides to try and get Frank into his mob and Frank realizes that Russell Bufalino is one of the leaders in the mob. Russell and Bill Bufalino talk to Skinny Razor about Frank. They agree that Frank could be a valuable asset to their mob. Russell consults the leader of the mob and introduces him to Frank. 

Angelo Bruno(Harvey Kietel), who is the leader of the mob, has his suspicions about Frank. Russell Bufalino convinces Angelo Bruno to let Frank in the mob. Frank starts out doing simple jobs like transportation for other members in the mob. The pay isn’t enough to provide what Frank wants for his family. He wants a promotion to a higher paying job for the mob.

Frank gets the position and becomes a hitman as he climbs the ranks of the mob. This movie is three hours and thirty minutes long. This Crime/Drama keeps you intrigued the whole time. This movie can be found on Netflix.