High School Receives Acceptable Rating

Glenwood receives an overall score of 54.15%

Glenwood receives an overall score of 54.15%

Lillian Becker, Editor in Chief

The Iowa Department of Education released the ratings of 1,259 Iowa schools and Glenwood high school received an overall rating of 54.15 out of 100 which is equivalent to ‘acceptable’ placement.

“This rating is a hybrid rating that both complies with the federal ESSA requirements, but also is an indicator from the former Iowa School Report Card,” said the Director of School Improvement Dr. Chad Lang. “This is calculated from a number of measures for each school building on an annual basis.”

The rating categories range from exceptional, high performing, commendable, acceptable, needs improvement, and at the bottom, priority/comprehensive. The overall performance score determines the ranking category for a school. These scores match up in different percentages. Exceptional is equal to a percent of 66.31 and above, high preforming is equal to 60.61-66.30, commendable is equal to 54.91-60.60, acceptable is equal to 49.21-54.90, needs improvement is equal to 43.96-49.20, and priority/comprehensive is equal to 43.95 and below. Glenwood high school was just 0.76 short of a commendable rating

The factors taken into consideration when figuring out the score of a school include assessment participation is english and math, the average school achievement in english and math, the conditions for learning, graduation rates, growth in reading and math, the percent of students proficient in english and math, and postsecondary readiness. The high school scored the highest in the category of assessment participation in english earning a 97.5%. The high school scored the lowest in the category of growth in reading, only earning a 39%. Out of the 11 categories, Glenwood high school is above the state average in seven. 

The Senior high school received the lowest ranking out of the Glenwood school district. Glenwood middle school received a rating of 55.5 which is commendable. The Northeast and West are combined for state reporting and received the highest ranking out of all Glenwood schools. Northeast and West received a 62.48 which is equal to a high performance report. 

“Only 15% of Iowa schools (Elementary, MS, and HS), fall in the same category as what Northeast and West received,” said Lang. “This is the second highest rating in the scale to “exceptional”, which only comprises 1.93% of Iowa schools.”