Staff Member of the Week (Jan. 20-24)


Instructor Taylor Wharton helping a student. Photo by Anna Lunning

Anna Lunning, Reporter

The staff member of the week award went to Taylor Wharton. For the week of January 20-24. After many students nominated her.

Wharton was honored to win this award.

“Teaching becomes a much easier job when you have great relationships with the students,” said Wharton. “They make me look forward to coming to school each day, they make me laugh with their stories and jokes, and they make me so proud of how hard they work.”

Freshman Aaron McPherson, one of Whartons students, is happy that Wharton received staff member of the week award.

“She was awarded teacher of the week because she deserves it and should have been awarded it a long time ago,” said McPherson. “She is a positive impact on this school and helps a lot of students in all kinds of math.” 

Freshman Joely Vanecek also finds Wharton deserving of this award.

“I love the way she teaches and she is always welcoming students in the hall,” said Vanecek. “No matter what, she always there to help.”

If you want to nominate for a staff member, you can send an email to [email protected] or you can click the link in the announcements that are sent out everyday.