Large Group Speech Advances to State


Carla Williams

The short film group for 'Dodgebrawl', one of the district-winning Large Group Speech groups.

Tanner Williams, Entertainment Editor

Large group speech began in October, and students have been rehearsing for many weeks to get ready for their first competition on January 25. 

Large group speech is an activity where students can work with others and form groups in different categories. These categories all embody the idea of working in a group to hone public speaking skills. Groups include: one-act play, short film, choral reading, readers theater, musical theater, improv and many more. 

Speech Instructor Jeff DeYoung is leading the teams for his second year and was welcomed by many students who returned from his first year. 

“I’ve known several of the students since they were in elementary school through my involvement with the Mills Masquers community theater, and others I met for the first time this year,” said DeYoung. “These are all talented, creative and passionate young people and I’m proud of them.”

Senior Jaeda Wilson was proud of her choral reading team this year and felt as though they have grown closer through their time together practicing.

“It was so hard to find time to practice that we just did it for fun in the end, I love them and we had so much fun practicing,” said Wilson. 

“Of course we’re hoping to make it to all-state. We plan on doing this by fine-tuning our one-act and adhering to the judge’s notes,” said junior Maya Silvius. “I think we work well together and are very compatible.”

The teams that are advancing to State are:

Short Film Group 1: Adam Clayton, Tanner Williams, Cody Lampman, Henry Jacob, Ethan Bosch, Gordon Tuomikoski, Jackson Finnegan, Curtis Pestel, Sam Lampman, Nate Rohrberg

Short Film Group 2: Katarina Bozilhova, Lachlan Ruff, Terra Jensen, Karen Marley, Quin Radar

One-Act Play: Madeline Becker, Tanner Williams, Mackenzie Woods, Chloe Russell, Terra Jensen, Maya Silvius, Curtis Pestel, Nevyn Cordell, Brady Shannon, Jackie Postlewaite, Noah Kolle

Musical Theater: Jackson Finnegan, Josh Nieman, Adam Clayton, Sarah Clayton, Sophia Grassau, Sydney Major

Choral Reading: Jaeda Wilson, Audrey Arnold, Delaney McMullen, Jerianne Richardson

Improv: Cordelia Gray, Kamden Leytham, Darek Taylor

Large group speech teams competed at State on February 8, but due to publication deadlines, we were not able to cover the results.