Show Choir Qualifies for Finals


Provided by Christine Clayton

Show choir members celebrating their fourth place victory.

Lucas Hug, Advertising Manager

Fastlane traveled to the Dallas Center Grimes on January 25th to participate in a competition.

Glenwood qualified for finals and placed fourth overall out of the six teams that participated. This is the second time in the past month that Fastlane has qualified for finals. 

Fastlane traveled to Gretna to compete for a spot in the finals on January 15th. Fastlane placed sixth at finals which has not been done before in school history. Show Choir has been preparing for six months, practicing once a week on Thursdays from 6:30p.m.-9:00p.m. 

Senior Jerianne Richardson has been a part of show choir for multiple years now. She shares how much hard work is put into Fastlane’s performance.

“To prepare for the performance, Fastlane has been rehearsing for about three plus hours a week since August,” said Richardson. “We work hard on making some moves cleaner as well as working on our vocal parts more.”

This year is the second year that sophomore Ty Jacob has been in Show Choir. He is devoted and ready for finals.

“With an insane amount of practice that started around the same time as band camp and to learn choreography we practiced hard once a week,” said Jacob. “At every competition we get critiqued after our performance on our choreography. For the Gretna Competition we had to add choreography to our ballad on the spot before finals.”

Senior Jaclyn Postlewaite is very proud of the Show Choir teams performance.

“This is my second year as a member of the Fastlane, so I was mentally prepared,” said Postlewaite. “Show Choir requires a case of getting up very early, packing a bag and getting ready to go! I am a stage manager/tech person, so luckily for me I didn’t have any performance flaws. The first performance I’ll admit, I was rushing quite a bit to get everything finished up backstage.”

Postlewaite also shares how close the Fastlane really is and what being a tech is all about.

“The group is very close knit. It’s cliche, but we really are one big family. We have a lot of fun while still getting work done,” said Postlewaite. “Being a tech is an amazing responsibility that comes with a lot of benefits. Show choir gives me a place where I feel like I belong and am appreciated. It’s also really great to see the group improve throughout the year, they’ve really come so far. Even though the work is hard for everyone, it is more than worth it.”

Show Choir has many possible roles and positions. Ian Lorson is a baritone player in the Show Choir band. He tells what the experience is like to play in the band.

“The band must practice constantly to stay in sync not just with the other band members, but the choir too,” said Lorson. “It’s really fun and enjoyable to be a part of Show Choir. Some of the band members make mistakes, but we always overcome them.”