Glenwood Rams Show Support Through Pink Out


Jeff Bissen

Students and Staff Showing Support.

Kimberlie Gray, Contributor

Pink Out has been a traditional game in Glenwood for many years. Every year the students, faculty, family, and friends pull it together. 

First the boys’ and girls’ basketball teams play, this year they faced Red Oak. 

The boys’ had an outstanding win 72 to 36, junior Ryan blum scored 21 points and junior Silas Bales followed with 13. 

The girls’ played hard and ended up on top beating Red Oak 62 to 57. Leading the team in points was sophomore Madison Camden with 20 points and freshmen Jenna Hopp with 13 followed. 

All the players who responded thought the games went great. 

“I personally think the game went really well,” said sophomore Brynlee Arnold. 

“The biggest stand out moment was when towards the end of the game we had some huge rebounds and free throws,” said Hopp. 

The next thing that takes place is what’s known as a ribbon ceremony. Students who have someone in their life with cancer or that has beaten cancer that they would like to honor they give them a rose. The students stand in a ribbon shaped formation throughout this ceremony. 

Sophomore Carter Kirsch also believes the games went amazing, and the ceremony.

“I was honoring my grandma who has skin and bladder cancer, and it made me feel proud,” said Kirsch. 

Freshman Joely Vanecek felt very emotional after participating. 

“It was really emotional for me since my grandfather has gone through a lot and it was very sad and the reason why I participated in it was because I felt like doing something nice for my grandfather and it went really good,” said Vanecek. “Mrs. L was really on hand with things.”

Ninth and tenth grade Counselor Kathleen Loeffelbein organizes the pink out ribbon ceremony with Reach SADD members. 

“In the ceremony all the kids did a wonderful job,” said Loeffelbein. 

Glenwood managed to raise almost 700 dollars in donations. Which will go to Relay for Life, which will then go to The American Cancer Society.