Last OG Review: The Story of Tray


Lucas Hug, Advertising Manager

Tray, played by Tracy Morgan,  spent 15 years in prison for selling drugs. He was released early on good behavior and now lives in a halfway house, a home that helps ex-convicts and addicts get back on their feet by providing a place to live in.

The Last OG is a comedy TV series created by Jordan Peele and John Carcier about the realistic life of an ex-convict from old school Brooklyn trying to reconnect with his family after spending over a decade in prison.

In that time Tray didn’t change but everything outside did. In this hit series, Tray searches for his  ex-girlfriend, Shay. Tray learns Shay has moved on and married a more successful man who is helping her raise teenage twins that Tray didn’t know existed.

Tray eventually finds Shay and learns the kids are his. Tray is embarrassed of his past and his low position in life. He doesn’t have the money to support himself, and he chases his dream to connect with his kids. 

Tray struggles to become a chef while at the same time struggles to make headway with his kids. 

Actors Tracy Morgan (Tray) and Tiffany Haddish (Shay) bring a large sense of comedy and excitement to this series. This series also has celebrity appearances including Method Man.

The series is great for those who like light comedies and jail jokes, made for mature audiences due to the dark prison theme and nudity. It’s an addicting comedy series which and its second season recently released on Netflix.