More Teachers of the Week Recognized


Kimberlie Gray

New Algebra one teacher and Assistant Football Coach Bruce Landstrom

Kimberlie Gray, Contributor

Ever since Glenwood started

with the Teacher of the Week tradition, both teachers and students are excited. Being able to vote for teacher of the week allows students to want to share their opinions. 

English Instructor Brenda Evans feels positive and emotional for winning teacher of the week. Evans received hand-written cards from seventeen students.

“I love how many students came in and surprised me with cards and notes they had written,” said Evans. “It made me think about how lucky I am to have the opportunity to work with such caring students.”

Junior Jaden Gaylord really enjoys having Evans as a teacher.

“She means a lot more to me than a teacher,” said Gaylord. She’s like a caretaker almost but without commitment.”

Agricultural Science Teacher and FFA Advisor Jessica Miller won Teacher of the Week as well. 

Senior Kari Schuppan has had Miller as a teacher since her freshman year. 

“She teaches us life lessons and really wants to set us up to be successful later in life,” said Schuppan. “Mrs. Miller goes out of her way to help all of her students and she truly cares about every single one of us.”

New Algebra one teacher and Assistant Football Coach Bruce Landstrom also won Teacher of the Week. 

“Winning Teacher of the Week is great,” said Landstrom. “ It really makes the rough days and all the extra time teachers put in worth it to be recognized by students.”

Freshman Danni Logan loves having Landstrom as a teacher. 

“He a very outgoing person, and he helps each and every student meet their needs.”

Lead Custodian Jay Boyles also earned this honor. Though many may not know him by name, he does great work for the school. 

“I don’t know why I was nominated, but I know junior Cheerleader Sierra Green nominated me, I sometimes help with the cheer mats,” said Boyle. 

“He is always very cherry and very helpful,” said Green. “ He always has a smile on his face and converses with students and helps without needing to be asked.”

In order to nominate a teacher, you can go to the announcements, sent to us through email by Lisa Wheat or on Glenwoods website, There is a link for voting, when you nominated, please explain why you are nominating this teacher.