Connections Classes Participate in Rams United Video Contest

Gordon Tuomikoski, Features and Photography Editor

Connections classes participated in a lip-sync contest about bringing people together. It’s a part of the Rams United campaign school motto. The videos are about everyone coming together and having fun. The classes had to pick an approved song about unity, include credits, film in school and follow a grading rubric. All videos appear in the Rambler for our readers enjoyment


The top three videos were Mr. Schulte, Mr. Visser, and Mr. Johnson’s.

Here are each of the classes videos:

Mr. Visser


Mrs. Apperson


Click on the links to view the videos:


Mr. Johnson


Mr. Schulte


Mrs. Hundt


Mrs. Gubbels–bfGKVaGDLMP9XmZlgaZtOcdUUIXwan/view?usp=sharing


Mr. Williams


Mr. Jacobitz


Mr. Landstrom