Everybody Deserves Respect

Makenzie Mathews, Reporter

Many students at any high school are tormented, but the LGBTQ+ community in our school are treated more unfairly than most in Glenwood. They are ridiculed, bullied and discriminated against on a daily basis. 

How would you like to be judged almost everyday? How would you like to have people give you dirty looks as you walk down the hall? How would you like to be called hurtful names? No one wants to be treated that way, so why treat members of the LGBTQ+ community like that? 

Everyone deserves respect. Everyone should be treated fairly. Peoples differences shouldn’t matter; we’re all still people. 

One example of unfair treatment experienced by this community has to do with extra curricular club meetings. LGBTQ+ students have a club at GCHS, but they have to keep the location and meeting time secret because of bullying and threats. However, that is not the only reason the do not publicize meetings. Some members have not come out to friends or even family members. 

It is really tough being a teen today. Just imagine how tough it is for those part of the LGBTQ+ community.

Teacher do their best to stop bullying and name calling, but they are not always present. Bullying often happens in the halls, at lunch, is the rest rooms and especially online.

I would like to see everyone treat each other just a little bit better. It really isn’t that difficult. All I ask is that you stop and think  before you speak or post, because words really do hurt.