Everybody Deserves Respect

Makenzie Mathews, Reporter

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Many students at any high school are tormented, but the LGBTQ+ community in our school are treated more unfairly than most in Glenwood. They are ridiculed, bullied and discriminated against on a daily basis. 

How would you like to be judged almost everyday? How would you like to have people give you dirty looks as you walk down the hall? How would you like to be called hurtful names? No one wants to be treated that way, so why treat members of the LGBTQ+ community like that? 

Everyone deserves respect. Everyone should be treated fairly. Peoples differences shouldn’t matter; we’re all still people. 

One example of unfair treatment experienced by this community has to do with extra curricular club meetings. LGBTQ+ students have a club at GCHS, but they have to keep the location and meeting time secret because of bullying and threats. Plus they won’t be pictured in the yearbook because many members cannot be out safely. 

Another example of unfair treatment has to do with teachers. Some teachers and other adults in our school act like there’s no problem when an LGBTQ+ student talks to them about their personal problems. An anonymous student opened up about their story and how an adult in the building responded when they had a problem. 

“I was called the f-slur by a student. I talked to an adult in the school and they said they would handle it. The adult talked to the student and I thought everything was fine, but the next day when I walked into the classroom, the same student called me it again.” 

The student said, “So again I went to talk to the same adult and she talked to the student again but nothing changed. Our school is supposed to be a no slur school, but no one cares when any slurs like the f-slur is thrown around. It feels like the teachers and adults in our school don’t care.” 

Stopping the discrimination against the LGBTQ+ students would be easy. It is time to start thinking before you speak or post, because words do hurt.