ESPN Premature in Naming Ohio State Number One


Bryant-Denny Stadium

Lucas Hug, Advertising Manager

ESPN officially named Ohio State the number one team in the NCAA way too soon. This was a huge shock to the college football community. With so many prospering teams, naming Ohio State the number one team in the country this early in the season caused major drama in the football community. With Alabama, LSU, Ohio State, Penn State, and Minnesota all being undefeated, ESPN placing the top ten teams ranks only a week before LSU and Alabama play is insane. This game will officially show who is the best and most talented team in the league.

On November 9, LSU met Alabama at Bryant-Denny Stadium to play the game of the century. Both teams have Heisman candidate players which includes Quarterback Joe Burrow from LSU, Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa and Running back Najee Harris from Alabama. This game will put either LSU or Alabama at the number one spot in the league.

The game started fairly quickly as Alabama quickly made it into the red zone. Coming close to the end zone, Quarterback Tagovailoa ran to get the touchdown. Only 5 to 10 yards away, the ball slipped right out of his grasp and he fumbled the ball. LSU recovered it and went on to score a touchdown of their own. Alabama received after the touchdown and put seven points on the board. LSU finished the quarter in the lead 10-7. LSU took off and scored two touchdowns and Alabama struggled and got one touchdown in. LSU lead at half 33-13. This is the most points Alabama has ever been down by. Alabama came back but was still defeated 46-41. A truly incredible game, these games had playoff privileges on the line.

LSU continued their winning streak after defeating Mississippi 58-37. Alabama suffered another casualty after Tagovailoa suffered a hip injury. Alabama held together and beat Mississippi State 38-7.

Minnesota defeated Penn State 31-26. Minnesota continues their win streak and increasing their chance at the NCAA Football Championship. Minnesota was favored to win against Iowa, but was beat 19-23. Minnesota now has 9 wins and 1 loss placing them at the  number 11 team in the NCAA.

Ohio State crushed Maryland 73-14. Ohio State was placed second overall behind LSU who took the number one spot. Ohio state is still favored to win it all. It’s no surprise that Ohio State will stay undefeated going into the playoffs. Ohio State is favored 52-1 to win verse the Rutgers on November 16. They lived up to their expectations and yet once more crushed the Rutgers 56-21.

This year’s playoffs roster has all fans guessing and questioning who will win it all. Will it be Ohio State, maybe Oklahoma, don’t forget about LSU or Alabama, do they still have a chance? After these series of games, we will truly know who the top ten teams are in College Football. Your timing was off ESPN.