Kilpatrick and Martin are the Teachers of the Week

Lucas Hug, Advertising manager

This past week Vocal Music Director Kevin Kilpatrick and Teacher Associate Ed Martin were nominated and won the award of staff member of the week. On an average day, Kilpatrick works with multiple choirs before and after school. This includes concert choir, bass choir, treble choir, jazz choir, show choir and modern acapella. He also works with the show choir band and students in various lessons for upcoming events such as All-State, solo contest, large group speech and individual speech. Some rehearsals start as early as 7:00 a.m. and some go as late as 9:00 p.m.

Many of Kilpatrick’s students have shared their thoughts on Kilpatrick. Maggie Begbie began speaking about Kilpatrick.

KP(what we call him) is overall a great teacher,” said Begbie. “He is one of very few staff members I can come to for anything. With being in jazz choir, concert choir and show choir I see him a lot. In show choir we’re one big family and that’s how it should be. KP would drop everything if we needed something.”

Begbie appreciates jazz, concert and show choir. She loves having Kilpatrick as a teacher. 

“He’s a fun teacher and likes to push us to our full potential in every group,” said  Begbie. “I’ve actually known KP since I was in 5th grade when I was in a show with him. With him coming to teach in Glenwood last year I was beyond excited,” said Begbie. “He has great teaching skills and gives us a  variety of music so we can try a little bit of everything. I’m so very thankful for him in every way. He puts so much time into the kids he works with and it means so much to me and the other choir kids. There is always the constant jokes in class which make it enjoyable. I’m so excited for this coming winter where we will be hosting our very first show choir competition all thanks to KP.”

So many people enjoy just being in a room with Kilpatrick. Sophomore Ty Jacob agreed with the sentiment.

“Kilpatrick is a phenomenal teacher. In concert choir he can tell what is going on and how to fix it without being aggressive or mean about it,” said Jacob. “In Jazz Choir, he understands the skills required but also understands the faults of the students. Students that mess around and don’t pay attention, KP will not put up with it or tolerate it at all. Kilpatrick is also basically your best friend. He’s one of the only teachers I can confide in with 100% confidence that he will make the right choice with what to do.” 

KP shared his emotions on receiving this award. 

“It is a wonderful feeling, being recognized by your students,” said Kilpatrick. “I have only been here at Glenwood High School for 15 short months and every day has been a blessing. I am very fortunate to work alongside the best colleagues and work with the best students. Go Rams.”

Ty Jacob continued to talk about how great of a teacher Kilpatrick is.

“Kilpatrick in my opinion is the best teacher in GCHS hands down. Students that don’t like him say that because KP demands respect and when it’s not given, he won’t give it either,” said Jacob. “He’s a fair teacher but wants his students to be the best and mature as they can be. KP is the best teacher if you’re the best student you can be.”

Ed Martin was nominated and given the fourth Teacher of the Week. Martin is very deserving and appreciative of receiving this award. 

“I feel honored to be chosen for this,” said Martin. “I love working with students and helping whenever I can. I look forward to coming to school each day because each day is like a new day. It keeps me young when I participate along with the students I’m with. You’re never too old to learn new things. I enjoy when I can brighten someone else’s day. Go Rams.”

Freshman Sawyer Talich, Kaylyn Book and Molly Williams all shared their opinions on Martin.

“Ed is a very good helper because he tries to help and he is always willing to help anyone,” said Williams. “He has a good sense of humor in everything he says. He holds the door open for everyone and is overall a very kind person.”

Book also shared her feelings on Martin.

“Ed always brings joy and good positivity to the classroom,” said Book. “He also makes the class fun and interesting to be in.”

Talich began to share his feelings.

“Where do I even start?” said Talich “Ed instantly makes everyone around him happy. He is always willing to help and always has a smile on his face.”