Weights Leaderboard Pushes Students


Tanner Williams, Entertainment Editor

The Glenwood Weights Program has undergone many changes this year, mainly with the welcoming of new Weights Instructor Bryan Diekmann. When starting his first year as weights instructor, Diekmann decided to make a few adjustments to the standard weight agenda. 

Located across from the weights room is a board displaying and ranking student performances in various lifting and agility activities.  

“The Weights Leaderboard has always been posted in the hallway in front of the weight room. There is a boy and a girl’s board,” said Diekmann. “They display the All-Time Leaders and the Current Leaders in these different tests: bench, squat, clean, 40 yard dash, shuttle, pacer, pull-ups and vertical jump.”

Diekmann uses these boards, as well as a new online strength program called PLT4M, to track data and create several leaderboards.

“The boards were created to reward the efforts of those that are disciplined and give tremendous effort in the weight room,” said Diekmann. “Greatness begins and ends with discipline, the names on the boards exemplify that.”

He hopes that placing this board in the weights hallway will motivate students to continue to push themselves past their limits in an attempt to reach a high ranking.

The current leaders on the boy’s leaderboard are:

Bench – Naoh Carter (315)

Squat – Zander Carda (469)

Clean – Colton Shutte (285)

Shuttle – Logan Clark (8.1)

Vertical Jump – Joel Gray (36)

40 YD Dash – Brady Weddum (4.53)

Pacer – Brett Mower (171)

Pull Ups – Alex Dollen (80)

The current leaders on the girl’s leaderboard are:

Bench – Abby McIntyre (165)

Squat – Sydney Biermann (335)

Clean – Sydney Biermann (208)

Shuttle – Marissa Ausdemore (864)

Vertical Jump – Elle Scarborough (21.9)

40 YD Dash – Audrey Arnold (5.07)

Pacer – Janette Schrafft (139)

Pull Ups – Audrey Arnold (40)