Ausdemore Earns Division One Rating at State Dance


Photo provided by: Marissa Ausdemore

Marissa Ausdemore and Coach Cheri Maxwell at State Dance Competition

Lillian Becker, Editor in Chief

Junior Marissa Ausdemore received a division one rating on her dance routine that she performed at the State Dance Competition on November 2. 

Ausdemore has only been dancing since she tried out for the dance team this past May. She loves to dance around her house and has always had a passion for expressing herself. 

 “I enjoy dancing because it’s my own style of art,” said Ausdemore. “I love being active and being able to move my body in such a fun way.”

 Ausedmore created the dance herself with the help of juniors Madeline Becker and Amanda Kephart critiquing her moves. Her dance coach Cheri Maxwell also helped clean up her moves. 

Ausdemore spent one month preparing for her dance and danced for one to two hours every day after school. She performed her dance in front of the school at the pep rally on November 1. 

“I was nervous about performing in front of the school more than at the State Competition because I was afraid of being judged by my peers especially since I love dancing, and I was afraid of hearing something bad; although, doing it was so much fun,” said Ausdemore.  “When I got to state, my heart was racing so fast because I had no idea who I was competing against, but my competitors were really nice. It turned out to be a very enjoyable time. I had nothing to worry about!” 

Dancing at the State Competition built Ausdemore’s confidence and was a rewarding experience.