Milone Advances to State Swim Meet


Photo provided by: Isabella Milone

Senior Isabella Milone swimming backstroke at the District swim meet. Photo provided by Isabella Milone.

Lillian Becker, Editor in Chief

Senior swimmer Isabella Milone qualified for the State Relay team along with six other Lewis Central swimmers in the 200 freestyle relay, the 200 medley relay and the 400 freestyle relay at the District meet Saturday. 

Milone has been swimming since she was nine years old and enjoys the physical aspect of swimming. 

“I enjoy the challenge that swimming provides,” said Milone. ”I believe swimming is one of the hardest sports to compete in, every single muscle in the body is used, and it’s one of the few sports where breathing is extremely limited. It is one of the most physically demanding sports.” 

Many do not understand the training that goes into competing at a swim meet since Glenwood does not have their own swimming program. Swimmers from Glenwood combine with Lewis Central, Harlan Christian and Saint Albert to form one team that competes at swim meets.  

“A normal day at practice goes as follows: we either do cardio, circuit training, or band exercises for a half hour to start off, and then get in the water for the next hour and a half,” said Milone. “We start with warmup (typically a mile of swimming) and then two main sets, a sprint set and starting block practice. We do the cardio, circuit training and bands to strengthen all the muscles we need for the physical demands of swimming.” 

Milone and the other members of the relay team will compete at State this Friday November 8 and Saturday November 9. The preliminary individual events will be held on Friday and Saturday finals and relays will take place.