Staff Editorial: We Love Pets More Than People

Pets are the soul mates that everyone needs.

Pets are the soul mates that everyone needs.

Rambler Staff

Pets are the things that make people feel whole, complete and loved. These little friends have became a part of everyone’s families. From dogs to cats, birds to fish, nearly every type of animal is a pet to someone in the world, being accepted as a part of their family. Coming home from a long day of working to be welcomed by the warm embrace of your furry friend is one of the best feelings in the world. With all of this love going around though people tend to think, do we love our pets more than people?

According to a 2011 Harris Poll, two thirds of Americans live with a pet of sorts in their home, with 90 percent believing that they are a part of their overall family. Whenever watching a movie of sorts, during a brief period of stress and suspense, if on screen was a human and a dog in danger, almost everyone is more concerned for the life of the dog over the human. 

This effect on us is that everyone who has had a pet of sorts knows the feeling of connection towards these pets, and seeing one in peril on screen reminds them of their own pet in danger therefore making them more stressed. It is also the fact that pets of all kinds are more vulnerable to peril or something happening to them as opposed to a human. Humans have the brain and muscle power to find solutions to certain problems, while some pets are physically and mentally unable to do such actions. When a person is around a vulnerable pet it gives them a sense of protectiveness about them, similar to the bond between a parent and their child. 

On the other hand, some people are too introverted and shy to communicate with others around them, and prefer the mental safety of their pet instead. Pets cannot talk back to them, and they cannot hurt them in the way that humans hurt each other. Having this little companion keeps those in need of it with company and socialization, something that is key to a human’s survival as a whole.

While many of us love our friends and family members, there is something about the cuteness and safety of a pet that people prefer to love as opposed to the love of another human.

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