Opinion: Allow Students to Show Halloween Spirit

It's that time of year where Halloween traditions are celebrated.

It’s that time of year where Halloween traditions are celebrated.

Tanner Williams, Entertainment Editor

‘Tis the season to be scary running around eating candy, seeing all the beautiful colors of the season and hanging out with friends and family. The array of colors displayed during this season, from orange to purple, really set the tone for the time of year. Not to mention the scary movies that are a key part of the season. Although there is one main action of Halloween that is often forbidden during the school year: the costumes.

The Glenwood Community School District celebrates the seasons and holidays by decorating the school building to coordinate with the season. Teachers and faculty will put up decorations for Thanksgiving, wear festive sweaters for Christmas, and decorate offices with colored eggs for the Easter season. Seeing all of this holiday cheer during the seasons is what really gets students in the mood for the holidays. Although there has always been one holiday season that I have felt is overshadowed in our school district: Halloween. 

Halloween is a season during autumn that allows everyone to enjoy a variety of activities. You have pumpkin carving, lighting bonfires, bobbing for apples and all of the scary decorations for the holiday. Although out of these activities, none of them are as well known as the tradition of dressing up in costumes and trick or treating. Nearly everyone has dressed up in costume for trick or treating as a kid, and many people still dress up as young adults to show their spirit for this time. 

When it comes to wearing costumes in school, the district has a strict set of rules for dress code that these outfits must meet in order to be wearable. Nothing can cover or hide your face from the hall cameras, nothing that is too revealing of the body, and nothing that is offensive or degrading to someone else. While these rules are strict, they are set to be followed and for us to still be able to retain the information that is given to us on these days in class. The most common instances of where people have worn costumes to school are primarily for Spirit Week and March Madness. Wearing these costumes during those times allows students to wear something comfortable that showcases their interests and beliefs that a normal outfit cannot show. 

With all of these times for students to dress in costumes, this begs the question: Why aren’t we allowed to wear costumes to school on Halloween? The most common time of year to see people dressed up, and it’s a day that you walk through the halls to see a normal school day. When I was young, I remember at the Northeast Elementary school they had every student dress in their Halloween costumes for the day. Doing this allowed the students to express themselves and feel proud of what they look like, something that I feel that many high school students need to feel.