Vaping Problem Continues

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Kimberlie Gray, Contributor

Whether it’s hidden in a hoodie sleeve, a backpack or even in candy wrappers, Juuls and vapes remain in our school. Most kids won’t report it, but many have seen it. No matter what the school does, or the parents and school officials do, there’s no keeping the vaping out. 

The numbers are startling, more than 3.6 million middle school and high school students currently use e-cigarettes, vapes and/or juuls, according to National Youth Tobacco Study. Although the products were not made for kids, the fruity and mint flavors attract them to using the various different products.

Many health issues with vaping are starting to arise. Twenty-six deaths have been confirmed in 21 states, prior to their deaths all the patients had a history of using vaping products. Most of the patients reported a history of using products containing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

As of October 8, 2019, 1,299 lung injury cases associated with the use of e-cigarette or vaping products have been reported to Center for Disease Control (CDC) from 49 states.

Nicotine raises a users’ blood pressure and spikes their adrenaline, which increases their heart rate and their likelihood of having a heart attack. 

Personally, this scares me, more than 3.6 million kids are using these products and the thought of any of this happening to students in Glenwood is completely mortifying. 

Not knowing how to help fellow classmates seek help or stop with what appears to be a popular addiction can cause harm to students. I feel as if students need to know when there is a completely inappropriate place to do something, especially something as irresponsible as vaping in a school building or on school grounds. 

Vaping needs to stop, and although there isn’t really anything we can do as individuals who don’t vape, we can attempt to encourage our classmates or even friends to do what’s best for themselves. 

I know I’ve seen it, but have had the fear of reporting it. You can report it by being completely anonymous.  You can simply go to the Glenwood schools website ( and hit the icon for ‘Tip line’ and it will bring you to a page where you can anonymously report your concern.