Ramily’s September Award Given

Lucas Hug, Advertising manager

Instructor Kathi Krzycki won September’s Ramily staff member of the month award. Krzycki is an instructional coach at Glenwood. 

Krzycki coaches and mentors other teachers at the high school; sometimes just listening to a teacher, asking probing questions and brainstorming with them to improve student learning. Sometimes she may share a research-based best practice strategy with another teacher. Krzycki assists and helps teachers daily.

“I go into teachers’ rooms to provide assistance in any way possible; sometimes that may mean setting up the Swivl so groups or teachers can reflect on their practice and improve their skills,” said Krzycki. “Sometimes I look over proficiency scales and assessments and discuss items on the scales or assessments. I also work on finding a resource that a teacher may need or a professional article for a staff member to read. This changes from day to day, hour to hour. I love that I’m learning from the teacher; it’s a reciprocal learning process.” 

 Spanish Instructor Christina Boldra appreciates Krzycki’s help.

“Even though Mrs. K. doesn’t speak Spanish, she has always been there to find a way to make class and the assignments more engaging,” said Boldra. “ If you have a problem she will figure out a way to help. If you have an idea, she is on top of it, figuring out how to put it together. Honestly, I couldn’t have survived my first year without the help of Mrs. K. She gives me the feedback I need to hear, so I can better myself in the classroom.”

Math Instruction Nathan Merz has also reached out for assistance from Krzycki.

“From helping give and create screeners, to judging the quality of our curriculum; from writing goals and tests, to helping deal with letters I write to students, Kathi has been an absolutely unbelievable resource,” said Merz. “She helps make my tests better, my class better and has just helped me do my job better in almost every facet.” 

Kryzcki was surprised to receive this award.

“I am shocked and honored. A plethora of the staff members at GCHS deserve this award,” said Krzycki “GCHS staff truly care about our students and strive to provide the best learning opportunities possible.” 

Kryzicki also added “I want to thank the whole high school and district staff, as well as the student body, who support and allow me to love and do my job daily. Thank you.”