Ukrainian Student Looks Forward to Glenwood Experience


Foreign exchange student Mariya Ananyeva. Photo by Isabella Milone.

Isabella Milone, Copy Editor

Mariya Ananyeva is the second of three foreign exchange students to arrive at GCHS this school year. Ananyeva is from the European country of Ukraine, and is looking forward to many things that Glenwood has to offer. 

“We don’t have such things as prom or homecoming in my country, so I was really excited to attend Homecoming,” said Ananyeva. “I am also excited to participate in different events with FCCLA. I have lots of things in mind, there are so many things I want to try and see during my stay here such as places, food and activities.” 

Ananyeva pursued the foreign exchange program to expose herself to new life experiences.

“When you are 15 and you go to another continent, that’s a whole new world. Things are challenging, and that is how it should be,” said Ananyeva. “I can get the maximum experience here. To become more mature, independent and to broaden my mind.” 

Ananyeva also wishes to share her culture with Glenwood as well as the people of America. 

“As I am an exchange student, I am here to introduce my country to people in the United States, so don’t hesitate if you see me somewhere and want to ask something, I will be glad to answer,” said Ananyeva. “And of course I am here to learn about your country, people, traditions, holidays, etc, and I am very excited about it, because it’s all new to me.” 

Though Iowa and Ukraine have many differences, there are a few similarities between the two countries. 

“I can’t really compare country and town, but I definitely see some similarities between Iowa and Ukraine,” said Ananyeva. “Our agriculture sector is also very developed and nature reminds me of some Ukrainian regions sometimes. There are a lot of differences between Ukraine and Iowa; for example taxes are already in the product’s price in Ukraine, so you can calculate the exact amount of money needed. Other differences between the two are how the towns look, how people communicate with each other and the everyday routine. Glenwood seems to be really calm and quiet, there is no traffic, if it is not homecoming, and that’s what I like about it.”