Large Group Speech Anticipates Successful Season

Isabella Milone, Copy Editor

Large group speech is made up of many different categories such as short film, plays and improv. Many returning members, including seniors Cody and Sam Lampman, have large goals for speech this year. 

“My goal for this year is to make it back to the All State Festival with our short film group,” said Cody Lampman. “That would be a great way to end senior year.” 

Sophomore, junior and senior speech coach Jeff DeYoung is confident the season will go well. 

“We have an extremely talented group of students,” said DeYoung. “I would love to see us advance every group to state. These students work hard, not only in speech but in many other activities. I’m confident their hard work will pay off once it’s contest time.” 

Speech members often spend late nights practicing and rehearsing for the district competition in January. 

“Large group speech is essentially who can be the most creative,” said Sam Lampman. “A large portion of the events are scripted, being practiced many times or rehearsed until it becomes memory. Some events require many late nights of filming, editing, and reshooting.”

DeYoung hopes that the skills learned in Large Group Speech will apply to students for many years to come. 

“Public speaking is one of the biggest fears for many people, so the ability to get up in front of a bunch of people and speak or play a role is going to pay dividends down the road,” said DeYoung. “I believe it helps to build confidence in these students, I know it did for me when I competed in high school and college many years ago.” 

Freshman large group speech is coached by Brenda Evans. 

Large group speech is still accepting new members. Practices are held after school. Any interested students can contact Brenda Evans at [email protected]