Raising Awareness for Heart Disease


Zander Carda

Reach/SADD members decorated the tennis court fence in honor of Red Out Week.

Zander Carda, Managing Editor

The annual Red Out Week is a week of raising awareness for those who are affected by heart disease and heart issues. Over the past eight years since the Red Out tradition began in the fall of 2011, the average amount of money raised has been $3,750, altogether GCHS has raised $30,044. All proceeds go to the American Heart Association. 

Reach/SADD sponsor Kathleen Loeffelbein shared how each donation is important.

“The American Heart Association says that every $50 saves a life,” said Loeffelbein. “This means that our school and community has saved over 600 lives. Together we can make a difference.”

Every year, Reach/SADD honors someone in the community that has been affected by heart disease. This year two students have been chosen, Ava Sneed, a kindergartner at Northeast Elementary and Landon Blades, a third grader at West Elementary. 

“We try to have honoree’s that are connected to our school and community in some way,” said Loeffelbein. “There is a definite connection to both, and it will show that heart disease affects all ages.” 

Reach/SADD does serve a purpose. Some might think it’s just a way to make fun videos to show in front of the school, but it is actually raising awareness for heart disease. 

“The goal is twofold,” said Loeffelbein. “Red Out provides the opportunity to come together as a school and community to raise awareness of heart disease and healthy heart choices; and raise money for the American Heart Association to continue to find new ways to fight heart disease.”