Alternative High School Offers Options


Dylan Engel, Reporter

The Alternative School Program (Alt) helps kids who struggle with keeping up with class, or have mental health issues. The Alt School is currently located behind Glenwood Middle School, but will soon have a new location. 

According to Instructor Lori Burton, the main purpose is to provide a safe learning environment for students. 

“The Alt is a dropout prevention program, it helps kids who fall behind easily, and it helps students that have issues such as anxiety, depression and other mental health issues,” said Burton.

The new Alt school will be on the Glenwood Resource Center campus, and will be in the same building as Kids Place daycare center. It will be much bigger, and have a kitchen for lunch and snacks, and will have its own private bathroom with showers for students who have limited access to such things at home. It will be on the fourth floor of the Glenwood administrative building.

Students who attend to the Alt school think it’s beneficial. 

“The Alt is helping me out a lot,” said junior Katelynn German. “I am taking online classes and the teachers help me get through them.” 

“For me, I get to work at my own pace,” said sophomore Jordan Brooks.“It’s easier to get help when I’m stuck on something. It also helps when I’m stressed because I don’t have to keep up with or constantly compare myself to others.” 

Students in the program also appreciate the teachers.

“I think the Alt is helping me and others a lot,” said German. “The teachers accommodate to the students needs and do whatever it takes to help a student get their high school credits. We have a small group, almost a family like group of kids which helps a lot with the students that don’t do well with large classes and need more of a one on one environment.”

“Other students here like that there are fewer people. It’s supportive so people feel like they can take and get emotional help,” said Brooks. 

There will be a board meeting on Monday October 14 to present to the school board what they are doing to improve the program, and to show the renovations that are being done to the new building.