Connections Goes Viral

Lucas Hug, Advertising manager

The new Connections at GCHS is very similar to Connections at other schools. In Omaha, multiple high schools have also instituted new plans for Connection like classes. 

At Millard North, they have a class similar to connections called Mustang Time. At Omaha North High school, they have a Connections Class of their own. There are many schools that now follow the same schedule as Glenwood’s Connections. But coming from Omaha North High school, it seems both schools appear to have the same tolerance problems.

Many students have mixed feelings and don’t participate in the schedule of the new Connection activities. The majority of students have questions about Connections. Some students would prefer to do homework in Connections rather than activities. 

This year the administration responded. Connections has been reshaped and each day has a structured outline. Mondays are dedicated to grade checks, Tuesdays are for tolerance, Thursdays serve as a study hall and reteach/reassess time and Fridays are for ACT prep. This is the same schedule as Omaha North and Central.

In my Connections, students want constant study halls, but the staff and teachers try and fail to keep all students engaged in class. Students tend to fall asleep or use their phones in Connections instead of studying or connecting. It seems there is a trend among schools in the are to create a class like Connections. 

Although students aren’t currently liking the new Connections style, students should give it a chance before cutting it.