Marching Band: More Than Making Music


Ty Jacob

Percussionists from left to right: Freshman Jason Colpits, Junior Corban Entinger, Freshman Alaina Meads, Sophomore Thomas Nieman. Background: Junior Brady Shannon and Sophomore Tyler Boldra have fun at band camp.

Kimberlie Gray, Contributor

In marching band everyone is crucial to the success of the team. Members must play their part and fulfill their role as a member of the band. 

Students and Band Director David Clark agree that marching band is and can be harder than it appears. 

“If a judge walks by even one person who doesn’t know their music, or sees one person out of step, or notices that one person is not in the spot they should be, they will take points off,” said sophomore Drum Major Harbour Buchanan. “So, in order for the group to succeed, every single person has to buy in and know what they’re doing.”

 “There isn’t anywhere to hide and the whole world is witness to our performances,” said Clark. “That puts a lot of pressure on the individual and the group to be a positive impact on the group instead of a negative.”

“Marching band season is by far the most physical band activity and one of the most stressful, too,” said senior Trumpet Section Leader Sam Lampman.

The marching band has already traveled to Hamburg, Iowa and competed in the Popcorn Days Parade with proceeds going towards flood relief. The band placed second, receiving 300 dollars which they donated to Mills County Storehouse.

The marching band gives the students a home away from home. They’re a family, they enjoy each others company. Band gives students a place in the school atmosphere to feel comfortable and safe, and like they have people that they can rely on. 

“We laugh, cry, and live together; it is those relationships that keep me in school every day,” said Clark. 

The marching band will compete on October 5 in Clarinda to partake in the Clarinda Band Jamboree. They will perform in the parade competition in the morning and the field competition in the afternoon. Glenwood will host Loess Hills Field Fest on October 12. The band will travel to participate in the IHSMA State Marching on October 19.