Cheerleading Squad Brings School Spirit


Sugar Makery’s window painting for the homecoming game.

Kimberlie Gray, Opinion Editor

Cheerleaders play a major role in the overall Homecoming process. Whether it’s cheering during the game, getting people excited throughout the school day or participating in pep rallies, cheerleaders work countless hours as school spirit ambassadors. 

The cheerleaders spent their free time making locker signs, painting football posters, painting business windows and hosting the Lil’ Ram Cheer Camp. 

The hours they spent were too numerous to count. 

“Countless hours, I would hate to tally them,” said Head Cheer Coach Dixie Thomas.

Without our cheerleaders, the student body wouldn’t have the amount of enthusiasm that the school does.

Thomas believes tradition is at the heart of the cheer program. 

“Tradition. Cheerleaders are ambassadors to the school and community,” said Thomas. “They are the underlying spirit to the school’s atmosphere.”

The cheerleaders commit more than just their time, they also give a physical commitment to the squad. Breaking a sweat is pretty easy as a cheerleader. 

Completing all of these tasks is no easy feat. 

“Cheer can get a little hectic, but that’s what makes it so fun,” said junior cheerleader Madeline Becker. 

Despite the additional demands on the squad, the commitment runs deep. 

“We are not just a team, we are a family and we can tell each other anything,” said sophomore cheerleader Hayley Tate.