New Exchange Student Arrives at GCHS


Foreign exchange student Katerina Bozhilova. Photo by Sadie Randolph

Isabella Milone, Copy Editor

Traveling all the way from Bulgaria, Katerina Bozhilova is one of the three foreign exchange students that will be attending the high school this year. 

“I wanted to try something different from what I’m used to,” said Bozhilova. “Being a foreign exchange student enriches you with knowledge, trains your language skills, and provides a different mindset for trying new things.” 

Bozhilova is excited to experience everything Glenwood has to offer. 

“It is all about the experience here,” said Bozhilova. “In school, with friends, my host family, and being on my own in a different country is a great opportunity to develop as an individual, thus I am forever grateful that I was lucky enough to be able to come here.”  

Comparing Glenwood to Bulgaria proves there are more similarities than differences between the two countries. 

“The Bulgarian region where I am from and Iowa in general have more in common than you think,” said Bozhilova. “The climate is almost identical, for example. The people are friendly and kind in both places and are always ready to help you in time of need. One difference is that I lived in the second biggest city back home, and here I am in a small town without public transportation, which I find unusual. Another difference is here in Glenwood, high schoolers can drive. Back home, you had to be 18 or older in order to apply for a driver’s license.” 

Bozhilova is currently enjoying the diverse extracurricular activities high school has to offer. 

“So far I love the feeling of being accepted in the community of Glenwood,” said Bozhilova. “I love the wide variety of extracurricular activities, too. Right now, I’m in the process of trying out for the cheerleading team and am interested in the tennis team and speech.” 

Of all the things Bozhilova misses from home, what she misses most is her typewriter. 

“Of course I miss my parents and my friends, but I can always reach them through the phone,” said Bozhilova. “But I cannot simply do that with my typewriter. It’s the object I find most precious among all others.”