School Pride Shown on Classroom Doors


Winning classroom decoration, Brenda Evans connections.

Tanner Williams, Entertainment Editor

Homecoming is a time where students come together to celebrate our town and our spirit. This year the Connections classrooms at the high school have been decorating the their doors themed after a Broadway show to express their school pride during Homecoming.

When Principal Rick Nickerson was asked where the idea came from, he stated that he wanted something that would bring students together. 

Mr. Faust and I spoke this summer and worked on ideas and activities that would connect students together,” said Nickerson.  “Door decorating is fun, makes our school look great, and celebrates Homecoming.” 

Nickerson hopes that doing this activity will allow the Connections groups to get a chance to know each other better and bond through positive interaction. 

“Our group wanted to feel as though we weren’t locked into the standard broadway musical ideas: we wanted something that would stand out,” said math instructor Nathan Merz. “After researching as a group, we were surprised to find a Spongebob musical and felt that was the best theme to go for in our group,” 

“We decided on a theme by sending out a Google form, after the students gathered ideas,” said Psychology Instructor Emily Dietz.”We were able to reach a theme that we were all happy with.”

After collaboration from several judges, the winners of the door contest were Brenda Evans’ group for first place, Kyle Gerdes’ connections in second, and Curt Schulte’s class for third place.