Staff Editorial: Positive Change in Our School

Rambler Staff

Many changes have been implemented at GCHS for the 2019-2020 school year. Some of these changes include a new administrative team, restructured Connections classes and RAMS United. We feel that students have reacted more positively than negatively to these changes. 

Last year when Connections was first created, the majority of students and community alike had many questions about the seriousness of Connections. Why must students be forced to “connect” with others when there were other more pressing matters to attend to, like a seemingly endless amount of homework? In contrast to last year, Connections this year has been reshaped, and each day has a structured outline. Throughout the week students are taught how to understand each other better. Mondays are dedicated to grade checks, Tuesdays are for tolerance, Thursdays serve as a study hall and reteach/reassess time and Fridays are for ACT prep. 

The new Administrative team has also been an adjustment for many students. Former Assistant Principal Rick Nickerson was well liked by students, and has made a smooth transition into the head principal position. Students connect well with Nickerson and respect the changes he has made to better the school. Assistant Principal Cory Faust has been a friendly face in the hallways and connects with students as well because he previously was a respected instructor who many students had worked with. The administration has brought in stricter rules which places more responsibility on students. Students are now held responsible for their own actions like skipping classes, which was a tenuous issue that the administration had to deal with. 

Nickerson, Faust and Activities Director Jeff Bissen has brought in many new ideas to the school, one of which being the theme of ‘RAMS United’. The goals of this theme is to teach students that at school, we are one big family. The goal is to include everyone and reward the students who have done good things. One way administrators thought to reward students is by a new recognition system called Student of the Day. Each day a different student is recognized for something positive he or she has done. All students and teachers in the school can nominate any students to receive this award. Students who receive this award are given a free t-shirt. This is a positive change to the school because many students can get recognized who without this might never have been recognized for an achievement. The theme of kindness and belonging is very important for high school students to understand. 

In our opinion, the new changes implemented at GCHS have benefited students and the community alike. Typically when faced with change, negative reactions take place, but we believe these changes at the high school have had positive reactions and brought the school closer together. 

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