Freshmen Share Their Opinions about High School

Makenzie Mathews, Reporter

Allie Russman said, “I’m taking classes that I want to instead of taking ones that are already picked for me.”
Hailey Wright said, “The classes are a lot harder than they were in middle school.”



Destiny Yale said, “There is more freedom, the teachers are nicer, and the work in high school is a lot harder than it is in middle school.”
McKenna Woods said, ” The people are a lot nicer than they were in middle school, and they help you out a lot more.”
Ashley Weinburgh said, “The classes are different and harder, and the school is a lot bigger, and it’s a longer walk to the classes.”
Joely Vanecek said, ” I think getting to carry your backpack to classes instead of having to go to your locker is a lot easier.”