First Year History Teacher Joins Staff


Lucas Hug

Ms. Klindt Teaching her Western Civ class about the Renaissance

Lucas Hug, Sales Manager

First year teacher takes the Western Civ and U.S. History position at the high school.

 After interviewing at many schools, Glenwood stood out as Marissa Klindt’s best choice, because of their  “great administration” said Klindt. “Glenwood seems to be on the road to success, the kids have been amazing.”

 Klindt grew up near Harlan, Iowa on a farm. She is an only child and lived with both of her parents. Klindt went to high school in Harlan where she ran track and cross country. 

 After high school, Klindt went to Iowa State majoring in history education. She graduated and came to Glenwood for her first teaching job. 

“Iowa State prepared me for teaching with a great teaching program,” said Klindt. “I had a lot of in person training through the program.”

  When Klindt isn’t teaching, she plays multiple instruments including piano and guitar. Klindt also enjoys hiking and watching Netflix in her free time.