New Teacher Shares Gaming Hobby with Students


Gordon Tuomikoski

Bruce Landstrom helps Freshman Braden Sneed with classwork.

Gordon Tuomikoski, Feature Editor

Students who enjoy gaming relate well with new math Instructor Bruce Landstrom who plays numerous video games.

Landstrom grew up in Council Bluffs, attending four colleges before graduating with a teaching degree from the University of Northern Iowa.

“I started off at the University of Iowa, then I realized I could pay a third of the cost for the same classes at Iowa Western, so I went there and finished my last two years,” said Landstrom. “Then I wanted to get into Civil Engineering at UNO where I majored in it for two and a half years and didn’t really like it, so I ended up finally going to UNI to graduate with a teaching degree.”

In his free time, Landstrom enjoys playing video games, disc golf, camping and grilling.

“My favorite video game would have to be the old Fallout games, Fallout 3 and New Vegas until it crashed on me at the very end and all of the robots were frozen,” said Landstrom.

Students are happy to have a new teacher that shares a common hobby that’s seemingly rare among their generation. 

“I think it’s pretty cool that Mr. Landstrom plays games,” said Freshman Alecxander Nuss. “He’s relatable.”