Saying Goodbye to Faculty Members

Isabella Milone, Contributor

As the 2018-2019 school year draws to an end, GCHS not only has to say goodbye to the graduating seniors, but also to instructors Jacqueline Johnson, Joe Luther and Michael Joyner.

After teaching in Glenwood for six years, history instructor Jacqueline Johnson will be transferring to Ames, Iowa, to teach social studies.

I started with Psychology and Western Civilizations, and have also taught U.S. History and Recent U.S. History,” said Johnson. “In my classroom, one of my favorite activities over the years has been the use of Trench Warfare and Renaissance Art. I love seeing my kids investigate new ideas in different ways.”

“Mrs. Johnson is a really good teacher who helped out with a lot of stuff, including band and color guard,” said Western Civilizations student Trinity Hartley. “I am really going to miss her.”

English instructor Joe Luther has been teaching at Glenwood for three years, and is now going to teach AP Literature and Honors English 10 at Papillion LaVista High School.

“I taught Composition I and II all three years, and then I also taught Honors English 10 my first year, English 9 my second year, and AP Literature my third year,” said Luther. “I have a lot of great memories about students I have worked with over the years. I taught some of these graduating seniors for two years, so I certainly won’t ever forget them. I also have a lot of great memories involving the AP Literature students.”

“I had Luther in AP Lit and really enjoyed his classes because he was funny,” said junior AP student Lillian Becker. “He was always willing to help us in class.”

After seven years of teaching at Glenwood, instructor Michael Joyner is moving to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to teach math at Marion High School along with coaching high school football.

“I taught two years in the middle school before being at the high school these past five years,” said Joyner. “I taught Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Discrete Math and Statistics, Pre-Calc/Trig, Introduction to Engineering, Principles of Engineering and Aerospace Engineering. Each day I still come to school looking forward to interacting with the students and building those relationships. It’s always fun to do the Glider unit in Aerospace, the hours of Inventor in IED, and the marble sorter in POE. I will always hold a special place for Glenwood and have loved every minute I was here.”

“I had Joyner for IED and POE and I always loved going to his classes because I could always talk to him about anything from sports to academics to movies,” said junior Collin Schaben.