Thank You Rambler Seniors


Madison Purdy

The 2018-2019 Rambler Staff. Pictured from left to right: Senior Nick Stavas, Junior Isabella Milone, Senior Justin Reed, Junior Lillian Becker, Senior Ryan Schnurr, Junior Zander Carda, Senior Gable Thompson, Senior Greg Topete, and Sophomores Felix Cooper, Gordon Tuomikoski, and Teresa Hutchinson.

Gordon Tuomikoski, Contributor

There has been no group more entertaining, cooperative and morale boosting this year than the seniors on the Rambler Staff. They were both our leaders and our slackers, but one thing’s for sure, it won’t be the same without them.

Nick Stavas was our Editor-in-Chief, a fantastic sports writer and read everyone’s articles. No article got by without Nick’s approval. He was the leader of our group and a hard-working publisher. He kept everyone pumping articles out.

Greg Topete was most notably our conversation starter. He was our entertainer and the social heart of the newspaper staff. He was the cultural glue that held us together. Nobody will be able to replace Greg’s funny and heartfelt personality, the kind that made instructor Robin Hundt afraid to leave the room for more than five minutes for fear he’d take a rolling chair down the hallway. Some of his memorable sayings include saying ‘quirky’ in an obnoxious voice. He may not have been the most productive writer, but he certainly boosted everyone else’s morale, and it won’t be the same anymore.

Ryan Schnurr joined us second semester and was a lot like Greg, entertaining and funny, starting discussions on numerous topics and questions. He talked about the most random subjects and did odd things like hiding maple syrup in the ceiling panels, or playing YMCA down the hallway at the end of nearly every class period. He did crazy things but in a respectful way with nothing overly obnoxious, and he will be missed.

Gable Thompson had the most unique and hilarious personality, telling funny stories like how he lucidly ate a tic-tac and woke up with bruises on his arms and a broken alarm clock He could also be caught battling Ryan Schnurr in a game of Super Smash Bros Ultimate on a few occasions.  He was a great entertainment writer, publishing many movie reviews and previews throughout the year. Thompson will take his work ethic and determination to Drake University next year where he will major in journalism. We wish him luck, and his position will lie vacant.

Justin Reed was what we considered our ‘part-time’ staff member, he was gone a lot and it was a known joke around the classroom, but on those rare occasions when he was, here he helped throw many silly stories and ideas around the classroom. He published about seven articles in total this year. He was hardly the most productive or punctual member of the team, but he was a welcome addition, a good writer and certainly a fun personality in the classroom.

Erin Stanley was on the staff first semester. She worked hard, wrote well, and will be remembered for the ‘ENDORPHINS’ joke around the winter formal. She was unable to stay on during second semester due to conflicting core classes.

It is with great sorrow for us and happiness for them that we say goodbye and wish all the Rambler seniors good luck on their future endeavors. They were the heart of our team and a great void lies empty without them. Thanks for the great memories.