Greatest Hits of 2019


Class of 2019

Justin Reed, Contributor

This year’s graduating class of 2019 hasn’t had the greatest rep throughout the years, but has had its share of exciting moments and highlights this year. From athletics to fine arts, the senior class has had no shortage of success.

In the athletics department, the senior class did an astounding job with many of the different sporting activities.

Glenwood Boys Basketball led by seniors Christian Stanislav, Jack Hughes, Cade Van Ness, Ryan Leath, Dax Lappala and Justin Giambalvo led the Rams to a 14-7 record season.

The Lady Rams Girls Basketball team led by seniors Brielle Smith, Brooklyn Taylor, Danielle Hardcastle and Sydney Biermann ended their season with a impressive record of 18-5.

The Glenwood Football Team was led by seniors Noah Carter, Eli Bales and Gregory Topete to name a few, and ended their season with a record of 4-5.

Seniors played a big part in the success of all of the sports activities this year, helping to beat teams, set records and take home awards for Glenwood.

The Class of 2019 also had an impact on the Fine Arts department, taking home awards and earning accolades. Senior Nick Bahr attended state and won state awards for his work in Band.

The final assembly had the teachers and faculty handing out awards to the seniors that excelled in certain classes. The award for Band was given to Nick Bahr, Technology went to Parson Covington, Newspaper went to Nick Stavas, Language Arts was awarded to Michelle Arnold, Science was awarded to Jayden Brooks, Social Studies went to Gable Thompson, Math went to Colton Schutte, Spanish was awarded to Elle Brown, FCS was given to Halie Franzen, Industrial Arts was awarded to both Hunter Haggstrom and Miah Williams, and Choir was given to Alene Rounds.