Battle of the Books Places Fifth at State

Greg Topete, Contributor

Battle of the Books took fifth place at the State competition in Marshalltown Iowa. The competition required each teammate to study and understand the six to eight books in order to answer several questions about the books and the author.

There were two phases to the Battle of the Books competition. The first phase consisted of an online test. The test had 28 author questions and 28 book questions. 64 teams took place in this phase but only 16 made it to the next phase.

Then it’s the big shebang in Marshalltown, Iowa.

“It’s a dream, it’s like going to the Dome, it’s football intense in there,” said junior participant Grace Latimer.

Coached by Instructor Karen Barrett, Glenwood’s roster had juniors Isaac Morrison, Grace Latimer and freshmen Margo Pitzl and Anna Morrison. Each team member had to learn the ins and outs of the books assigned to them.

“It’s a one in a lifetime trip for us. We pushed ourselves to know these books,” said Latimer.

Glenwood dominated a majority of the competition and ended on a fifth place finish officially securing the highest finish in Glenwood history.

“It’s the highest Glenwood has ever placed. It was a lot of fun” said Barrett.