Trap Club Heads To Their Final Meet

Gable Thompson, Entertainment Editor

The Glenwood Trap Club has worked hard this season to prepare for their final meet on Saturday, May 25. This is the Trap Club’s sixth year competing against other schools in the state of Iowa. This year’s Trap Club includes senior Mason Grafenstein, junior Nate Vinton

Trap Club allows students to practice firearm handling and shooting.  One of the first things students in Trap Club must learn is how to handle and fire guns in a safe and responsible manner.

“The athletes have many responsibilities similar to other sports,” said Trap Coach Stephanie Bowden. “They must follow the code of conduct and good sportsmanship.  They also have to go through safety and gun handling skills training. Because they are dealing with firearms, they have to be ever vigilant. Safety is number one. They must train and practice, learn terms, skills and following direction from their coaches.”

Trap Club meets consist of students firing at clay pigeons. Their goal is to hit as many targets as possible. Each student competes in two rounds in a meet. A round has 25 shot. Students fire five shots at each station on their field. When the clay pigeon is fired, students have to act quickly to hit the target. Hitting 25 targets is considered a perfect score.

Trap Club competes in fields across the state of Iowa. Each field is different so it helps the team to practice on as many fields as possible.

“We are one of a few teams in Southwest Iowa, although there are hundreds of teams in the state,” said Bowden. “We have opportunities at fields in Logan, Harlan, Omaha and our own home field at the Southwest Iowa Sportsmans Club.”

The season will end with the State Meet in Cedar Falls. The Trap Club will be competing with over 2,800 competitors.